Book Links


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Sir Ken Robinson Interview


Link 1.2

Jonathan Adams Interview: Focus on the Why


Link 1.3

Mike Oliver Interview: Recognizing the Power in Others


Link 1.4

Captain Marquet Video


Link 2.1

Rona Wilensky and Ivette Visbal Interview: Breaking the Mold of the Conventional High School


Link 2.2

Kimberly Davis Interview: “What Do People Need From Me?”


Link 3.1

Oksana Esberard Interview: In a Mindful Culture You Can Sense Calm Productivity—Even in a Crisis


Link 3.2

Example of Decision-Making Process


Link 3.3

Margaret Zacchei Interview: How Do We Need to Behave to Be Successful?


Link 4.1

A List of Commercially Available Self-Assessments


Link 4.2

Courtney Ackerman Interview: Distortions of Thought


Link 4.3

Shirzad Chamine Video


Link 4.4

Sarah Elkins Interview: How You Tell the Story Creates Who You Are


Link 5.1

Karen Rue Interview: Provide the Right Kind of Support


Link 5.2

Worked-Out Examples of Simple and Complex Changes


Link 5.3

Greg Ewing Interview: It Takes a Lot of Conversations with a Lot of Folks in Different Arenas


Link 5.4

Samples of Two Analytical Mode


Link 6.1

A Worked-Out Example of How Principal Dana Resolves Her Situation


Link 6.2

Michael Bunting Interview: Critical Behaviors of the Mindful Leader


Link 6.3

A Template for Constructing Your Own Super Objective (courtesy of Kimberly Davis)


Link 6.4

Wait to Speak Last


Link 6.5

Deb Gustafson Interview: Keeping the Wheel of Change Turning


Link 7.1

Evan Robb Interview: Cultivating Change at the Grassroots Level


Link 7.2

Amnon Levav Interview: Innovating Inside the Box


Link 7.3

Model of an Action Plan


Link 8.1

Michael Bungay Stanier Interview: Stay Curious a Little Bit Longer


Link 8.2

Sample Coaching Session


Link 8.3

Steve Paul Interview: Listen for Brilliance


Link 9.1

Mary Howard Interview: What Future Do We Envision for Our Children?